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Author Topic: Are fish oil supplements bullshit?  (Read 1117 times)


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Re: Are fish oil supplements bullshit?
« Reply #30 on: July 19, 2019, 01:18:05 PM »

Blood work is important as the vast majority of people aren't taking fish oil for shiny hair. They think it will help with insulin sensitivity, or their lipids, etc. Who cares about shiny hair when your insides are still fucked. It's snake oil.

If you think it's bullshit or snake oil then you obviously have never taken it or don't know what you're talking about. It absolutely works period. No debating it. If you've taken it and didn't see results it's because you weren't looking for them or had too many things in your cocktail to see what was doing what. You're entitled to your opinion just like we all are, but when your opinion is wrong it's best to just keep it to yourself. Otherwise you may be misleading people who will be reading this in the future and giving them false information.
It's not opinion dipshit. Just like people guessing what their estrogen is trying to treat symptoms. Your "feel" doesn't mean shit. Tons of people die every day who "feel" fine. I've taken it and stopped when it wasn't doing shit for me. Placebo effect is strong with this group.

There's no need for name calling. I'll try to be respectful and remember the golden rule, but by reading your comments i'm not sure if you're "trolling" or not. In any case I disagree with your statements on fish oil as do the majority of people do. I'm not trying to sell you anything or tell you to take them. I just don't like seeing incorrect/misleading or plain stupidity in posts on here as this is a place where people come for knowledge and proper guidance.
Exactly. This entire thread is incorrect and misleading because people are going off of feel instead of empirical evidence. I provided a link with tons of studies done that show fish oil doesn't work and is likely to cause more harm than good. Everyone else: oh but I feel a difference. Your opinion and the way you feel doesn't hold up to scientific scrutiny and thus doesn't matter. I felt fine smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day but my vitals and blood work showed differently. People feel fine with stage 4 terminal cancer in cases. Just because you feel fine doesn't mean that you are. So until you or anyone else comes to the table with credible research and evidence instead of personal anecdotes based on the way you feel, the evidence points towards it doesn't work and is often harmful. If you can't accept and adopt it or refute it, you're not ignorant anymore as the evidence is laid out in front of you, you're just plain stupid.

You know, with the name serotonin you don't seem all that happy :)
You're acting as if someone told you that if you take fish oil your shoulders will look like Kevin's.
I'd rather not continue this discussion as it seems like it's turning into an argument more than a debate.
Hope you have a good day buddy.
There was never a debate as you or anyone else never brought any evidence to the table. It's been a one sided teaching but with a classroom not willing to learn. At this time I see people are too gullible and just take what the supplement industry has told them is a healthy supplement and believed them. Sad sad sad. And I am happy, personally I don't give a shit what you people spend your money on. Why would I let a bunch of people on the internet ruin my day? You're nobodies to me.

lol a one sided teaching.. oh boy you got lots to learn about teaching

i improved numerous animals coat with these oils along the years.. the only difference was the addition of flax or fish oil to the diet that was it!

hair improved and improved dramatically.. became shinier and much softer to the touch like puppy soft

this sounds like bustin ass all over again lol

what we are telling you is hands on noticeable differences to the eye.. no blood no noting TO THE EYE! in fact it is very noticeable when it comes to hair, nails, and with some.. skin

its like vitamin e rubbed on irritated skin reduce inflammation to some degree naturally.. no one go take blood test.. its simply a fact noticeable fact and this is why its used as natural product

its like curcumin95 is best product out there now days for health.. it just is.. it is very very good and i HATE bodybuilding supplements but its not bodybuilding supplement its just pure curcumin and its amazing

its like walking 5 miles 2 times a day for a diabetic type 1 can improve blood glucose into the 80-160 zone with miniminal Globalge of insulin.. its simply a fact you can see with glucometer.. very simple really just most of yoru generation is lazy and doesn't like lifting itself off the coach (thumbs up thumbs down all day long.. thumbs scroll up thumb scroll down)

cant wait till you let someone insert a chip into your arm.. because "blood test shoe its risk free.. and research showed it make life easier"

gh15 approved

time is a loop in space,, at some point in time ...time travel is invented,, therefor time travelers are here,, now.

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