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Author Topic: IG "REPORT"  (Read 2750 times)


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« on: June 15, 2018, 06:02:07 AM »

IG report analasys-- gh15 approved must be read by all athletes and gh15ers

first and formost.. Michael horowitz.. is a Hussein deep state fella.. lets start with this simple fact,, 

you can not let corruption investigate corruption

I already told you before about the other fake jew in the justice department named rod rozenstein.. I repeatedly call for his immediate firing and prosecuting for HANDS ON leading the justice department of the Hussein police state from his deep state solidified position,,

just like rozenstein.. horowits is Hussein deep state product.. the whole department of justice of the united stated of America was inflertrated by the Hussein surveillance police state regime.. this is the biggest story of your life time.. and no matter how much justice you look for.. you will not find any practical hands on justice as long as specific steps are not taken by the president of the united states or HIS attorney general

the justice department of Hussein's regime WAS and IS the biggest part of the deep state! this is what many fail to digest..

president trumps camp already understood it long ago.. they were explained in 2015-2016 how things work.. I know it personally.. they were told exactly how thing work in deep state before they knew what it really was hands on.. now they do..

now with regard to the "report"..

the only thing one need to look at is the communication between the 2 high level agents that American generation x fbi whore lisa and that deep state fbi agent peter.. to understand the level of corruption within the top of the AMERICAN FBI..  once you add to it the disgraced comey factor.. you start understanding that the law enforcement in America is corrupt during 2015-2016.. and I'm talking about the high echelon of it aka the politically appointed sector of it.. this section works directly with the American justice department and cause a lot of damage every year to many good individuals during the Hussein surveillance police state regime.. many conservatives in America suffered greatly due to that corrupt justice department..

the fact that Hillary rotten Clinton is not sitting in prison should tell you a lot about how America was run 2015-2016.. 2 highly critical years where severe crimes were commited by the fully organized (community organizer type Marxist and fascist type of sick kenyan cough cough) surveillance police state from top to bottom.. THE 2% OF PEOPLE IN THE JUSTIC DEPARTMENT that are in very strong positions and left overs.. they run the show.. this is a big problem for president Donald trump who only been president a year and a half.. its just not enough time to clean the system.. yes we brought a revolution but the revolution cant run faster due to those deep state individuals who are there for many years and their sole purpose is to keep the status quo of America and the way its run and control its population,,

that's it..

putting chris ray as head of fbi wont help.. the clean up need to be from within the corrupt justice department of the Hussein surveillance police state regime

the public doesn't trust the fbi and doesn't trust the justice department.. as simple as that,,  you can make belief it does but the public doesn't trust them.. you will see in the coming elections.. there is complete disconnect between president trump and his dozens of millions of followers and the deep state that rule the life of americans..

president Donald trump need little more time to really clean house.. I believe he will do it.. but you just cant do it in 500 days.. its just not enough time to remove 100% of deep state personnel,, 

you cant really separate between the fbi and the justice department in America during the Hussein regime for the Hussein corrupt regime penetrated them both! they put political appointees.. agenda driven unqualified individual in prime positions.. with very extremist twisted communistic world view

its very bad.. if you truly know what you are looking at.. you know that you don't need to read 500 pages of deep state written "birocrazy" report to understand what happened inside the hussein regime

no words can fix the damage the fbi suffered and the damage the justice department suffered due to the Hussein surveillance police state regime

I really recommend to prosecute james comey,, loreta lynch,, McCabe,, peter and lisa..

I would highly suggest to look deeply into Hillary rotten Clinton and Hussein with a secondary council

you have here a deep state who went rogue and truly abused the American people,, I highly suggest to president trump to break it apart before its too late for it to be broken apart,,

huge stain that will not go away.. this is for 100 years to come if its not broken apart,, clean up the justice department first and foremost! you cant have effective fbi if the justice department is damaged from within and its severely damaged from within

gh15 approved
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