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Started by sunkus4444 - Last post by JackTequila

 on: July 22, 2017, 10:56:28 PM 
Started by sunkus4444 - Last post by master
Dorian went through the system, short,sharp, shock treatment which was Borstal in them Days in the UK. was like Army Drill in Prison & he got out & became the best of the best. Looks happy now. Mellow.

 on: July 22, 2017, 10:56:16 PM 
Started by gh15 - Last post by IntractableICP
I want the following people back on
bustin ass
that kid.. he is not a kid anymore but I think he should be here since he is my pupil.. name is no sleep

gh15 approved

You've chosen predictably and it makes me question your social intelligence and community standing, But who the hell am I? No eyes to look into when I "talk", no name, no life IntractableICP. But maybe give me a chance and listen to me before you allow my insult - and make no mistake, I've just insulted you - to causen you to decree te ban hammer vome down across my neck by the admin. The list you chose is nothing mre than a chimera of the two yunsupposedly dislike the most RM and CR, nethjer of which I know or care 2 shits about after their man tool 4600 out of y elderly mother;s mouth (I support her end of life care) and sent me not what he was supossed to thinking I was a nice unactionakble dickwaad. He might be right but that' neither the point or purpose of this.

Whewn I read "you want" like a child the old crew back like NO SLEEP, who I have no doubt looks fine, but has been preparing for the same super high priofile legal internship for the past 8 years (they must be re-scheduling the fella like downtown) and the rest you are firmly opening your os to swallow all the shit they've talked about you for nearlu a decade now. And for what? Funny posts? Numbers because while CR can add science -- I KNOW I KNOW HANDS ON BLAH BLAH, HE IS often trying to swim out of the short end of the pool lost in the irrelevance that his mentor LyleMcD used to rage against. He just doesn't have the right stuff to be a transnational scientist but he looks better than I or my future robot twin could ever hope to. He could probably fuck my imaginary girlfriend and tell me to go get him an imaginery glass of milk and I'd just be glad he didn't choose to also kick my ass for good measure seeing as I am a coward in real life

With RE to RM: If he is Omega, and I deduced a caGloball relationship must have existed based on your relentless exposure of correlaries on here, then shame on him because they stole $600 I could have given my cachectic mother for something to put a smile on her face for a second or two befor she dies any day know. Instead of sending me basic sundry, he sent garbage and I've always held a grudge against him and RM and CR by extension and thanked you for making demnse it of the disgusting thing i was seeing in the mirror everyday despite supposedly having the creme de la creme in my blood q 11 pm withoit fail. You reminded me why I became your greatest supporter and likely also criticiser in chief in late 2015 and 2015 until your fraud monster lEAN AND i APOLOGIXE BUT HE IS THAT TO A T. i;M NT GOING TO ARGUE WIT YU, BAN ME FOR ALL i CARE.You let his history and superhuman commitment to this board sway your heart. You beTrayed your mind for a weak slobberring pussu of a heart. Because I;m not getting into it WITH you as I've already said, you can dismiss my claims about lean outright. But I know you know I'm speaking truth to power (you) when i say the dude turned bad towards the end. His medical history is likely real but it is not munute by minut devestating and it will not kill him. What he had, and for HIPAAI won;t get specific does not mrecur, He;'s not facing what JJohn mcCain is. He won't die bevause he suffered great humiliation and self hate as a child, There is no exvuse for youallowing him to nam those pf us tjat were calling ot his shilling towards end o 2014 -2015. And your mea culpa of how this isn;t your sight and it's all admin is clintonesque like nothing else I've ever heard from even your nemesis and mine like Danta and Sons and Omega and others. But lately you've become a whiny bitch because it;'s all already in the bible and your sick of saying the same thing ober and over again, Poor you.

What fo you think happens at Princeton every fall or UCLA evry quarter? New stufents come in and topics are regurgitated by legit oprofessors who are on their 4th marriages and are thisclose to showing uo to lecture and oulling out a gun in front of the freshmen and blowing their heads off as performans art. Last I checkef you still get your blue top saizen and the rest no problems. Guess what, You, not anyone else, proclaimed this an instityute of higher education. I folishly bought in But witheducation repetiotion is mandatory to reminf you what you still don't quit have an answer for like how the fuck fif IP get igfbp-3 when IPLex was lying throught their teeth to congress about suopllies since 201 to this minute. What doesnt ecist can't be stiolen adn relabeleld, fool. I apologize that last term was unnecessary. I'll compose myself better as i close out this cold splash of water Like I gave my father when I f to tell him hr had waldenstrom;s and woud die in 12 months no matter what his hope and dresam his son tried to do for him in that time

"but 12 months, pal, is a long time, you can figure something out for your old man by then, right? i'LL Tell you  what why dnt you give Ross a call it's only about 9am in NZ right now.

"Ross blew his head off at the Univ of Aukland alumni retreat last week. Remember, after Iplex slandered him as being homosexual at the patent hearing. I think I told you."

"Look I'm not giving up on you, but you need a few splashes of cold water to get your shit together so we can move forward come what may. I'm sorry, Dad. I won't sleep or stop until the nurse hangs your morphine drip roughly 11 month 22 days and 111 minutes from right now."

Then I spent a year searching for something that at that time was impossible. I lost my way. I lost everything. But in 2012mor within 6 months of this forum opening think realy hard: One member and one member only told you what was in Kigs in an I'm sure erased post (ddos blah blah from  pellus or whatever horsehit you always seem to conjure to just stop ahead of the finish line). That member was me and before I offered you the possibility o lrgit kigs true composition the only thing you knew about IGF-1 was that it was a scheme of unscrupulous rc companies. but think hard. Who am I and will you acknowledge MY provision of your life's purpose for the next 2 years that defines you even know that you seem to have given up? Hell you even started promoting goji berries at one time. lol. I have little in this like and i WILL need a new heart in less than 3 years or I'll be dead (congenital), but i know my strengths. Don't wast what I taught you, pal. Because it was the way I say it was on that one occassion. And no amount of tail wagging the doll will change the fact that yoyu knew the composition of legit kigs nearly 6 yers ago out of sheer luck and the kindness of a social reject who has 1 gift in this world he chose to dhare with an anonymous nameless facelss fetless internet avatar lol. You wn the lottery and you've wasted nearly all of it. Indefensibile "boss".

I'm allegorically giving you the same speech Igave my father, I'll never know who you are but there is great work to be done if your mission statement of finding affordable rhIGF-1 for all student athletes was true. Trump doesn't need you. He can handle himslef. lol. He's good, Don't worry. Yoll be hlping him More if you do what you Said you would and find legit kigs at affordable prrices. It's out there. Trust me. But I open my mouth I go to jail and Like I said I need a heart transplant soon I m not getting wheeled in for the long road back to where Icam from a federal max security cell.

Unlike Dad who wasn't as courageous or charismatic as you used to be (which sucks to say but is true) your rainbo uniorn exists, His didn't. That's my point.

The loyalists who you've proven to be nearly Messianic to - remember them? I still see them on here and not over ther posting. And, I m not talking abou the 3rd stooge in the gh, lean sandwhich, blp3.You claim to have the money to pursue this stalion if even only for yourself. So do it. No one asked you for a handout. Go knock yourself out. GET DRUNK with IGF-1, just keep enough in an aliquot to send for ANALysis. I can give you 2 right now that will examine a pussyhairs worth of legit kigs and give you it's mother, father, who it lost it;s virginity to and they'll do it for free. If I'm lying Ill allow you to publically expose me. But oh yeah, it was "NO SLEEPS" fault because a queef of a kid wouldn't sen you his last vial of legot kigs so many years ago. How nbout you be an adult and think, "sHIT i SHOUKLD SAVE A DROP OR TWO OF THIS STuff. It'll be neccessary to get it analyzed." But instead ypu blame it on bboy or someone that sound like that or no sleep's greed. Hilarious. The person's internship interview must have stressed him out and he injected the whole vial and licked the walls of the needles cylinfer in a momentary lapse of reason. STOP FUCKING BLAMING EBEYONE ELSE GOR YOUR BULLSHIT OVVER THE YEARS. SACK UP OR CONTIUNE THIS SLIDE TO CLOWNVILLE. i'LL STAY with you but you'll know the truth. Every time you lose focuse like a kid with ADD, you shoot your once powerful legacy in the dick. Pathetic. NO SLeep, NO dick whatever owed you nothing. NOTHING. AND I can't stand the lying shit head who would take David Boies in full at the wink of an eye and he'd write him a thank you letter afterwars.

But this mess is not his. It's yours. 2000%. Leaders lead. Pussies look for excuses. You are a pussy.

Cuddle cuddle in the arms of those that wouldn't piss on your own dog if it were ablaze. But you have to have a swerve, an enemy to get people to forget the point of what this place was all  About. Trump  has Putin. You have NO SLEEP. PRETTY SAD YOU ARE IN COMPARISON WOULDN'T YOU SAY?

THE over complicated doomsday scientific cartoon strip tHEn that blp31 has hatched is a superb fall back for you. "My friends, I tried. But that crazy kid NO SLEEP WOUldnt give me his kig, can you believe that? and our vey smart blp39  SAYS YOU NEED BLP3 PROTEIN WHICH THAT IDIOT icP says IPLEX necver produced after they soent all theur mney winning a patent claim that IPSEN offered to concede out of pitty. AGAIN FOR BLOOF MONSTER BLP3 (the answer is more stanolone or whatever, righht? that's what you're goig with these days am I right?) AND THE GENTKEMAN THE CURE, NO IPLEX HAS BEEN PRIDUCED SINCE 2010! there is not a human who was born after 2009 who has ever held or administered a vial of IPLEX. IF YOU SAY OTHERWISE, YOU'RE SHITTING THE BED FRIENDS.  BUT! AHA!  IP! THAT A-wipe did his flying tiger sleeping panda act to break into IPLEX Headquaetters to find the suply that they never made? jeesus h. Have any of you ever even been to IPLEX HQ especially back in 2010-2011?  it would make the Cal State Chico campus police look like secret service for all out cal state students out there. you all are great keep working. it won't matter once you get into the standardized testing part of your future, side note.

By the way what the fuck were yu thinking asking members ti trust your referals of BLP12A AND THE CURE AS "PERSONAL COACHES: OUT OF SIMPLY YOUR WORD AFTER THE TRIFECTS FIASCOS OF RM, CR, AND THE GREEK GUY WHO STARTED GETTING FAT BUT EVERYINE WAS TELLINH HIM HOW GREAT HE STILL LOOKEF WHIE BRAGGING ABOUT eatinriot "great elicous greel foods" bought for him by his "girl" code in tht part of the world for buyig her off her halfmturk fsther at the port  at a discount due to the whole government requirement that cypriotic women at menses are forced to run a 100 yard dash in a 90 yard room, Hey I'm just reporting the news. you decide based om uour preformed prejuices. no sweat. LIKE SEROULSLY, ARE YOU THAT STUPID TO TEMPT FATE AGAIN LIKE YOU DID YEARD AGO WITH THE GH15 OFFICIALLY APPROVED COACJES? Jeezus man I DON'T think you're corrupt and I'll figh thatbattle for you on a hill to my death but culd you help lesson the pain of RMs batton searing through my c6 as he decapitates mE. wHUCH REMINDS ME BEFORE MY PAGER GOES APESHIT HERE. yOURE' VERY NEEDY MAN. Asking for everyone to degend your honor, record this video or enlisting an internet troll campaign or donate money. Jezus have some self respect and get shit done yourself. Stop asking for so much help especialy if you're not serious about seeing your raisnon detre through. it really leaves a bad taste in accolytes like me. No one likes a needy man.

lOOK this is enough. You're a good man in my does not mattr opinion but you've slipped you used to be a great man who even could someone as IN failing healt as me to take up iArms on your behalf. lOOK You werre right about Omega and so many others, you've won my heart, You don't owe me shit but you do owe the rest -- those who logged in everyday waitng on baited breath for your next legiy kig prolamation. i'M TAllking abou the djsmoothflex or whatever that shit head's screen nname was. And waht about the van;'s of the world who defended you on SPAM despite the fact that van is literally unbrrakanbly neutral most of the time. He never used to take sides just stated facts and his personal opinion without giving it any extra importance. But he chamged that for you. Van defended hou you poece of shit and how do you repay him? By becoming Rush Limbaugh of the bb world instead of oing what you said you wee going to do from day 1. fUCKING LIAR OR WAS IT No sleep again?

S=Anyway, I 'm almost doen and seeing how the only person that willl ever see this post - the first ever rebutaal to the bible in world history will be the person that erases my post and I become vapor on here one again. But before you tell me that if I don't like it I can leave, and my mother's a whore (which well, I can't lie, uou've got a point there) I think I'll toss you one last splash of water across the face: You're a coward. Talking shit about TM CR, IP and then laying out the welcome matt for their cuntduits who draw pictures of you guzzling cum from a make believe Olympia championship trophy.

Nah that's enough. You bore me now.  But despite it appeariing like  dont respect you, understand all men are flawed and one of mine if how I respond to injustive. I am a monster as demonstrated here. But  i said everything above because, hell, I don't care: You once changed my life for the better. And, I'm loyal like a puppy. So I love you and I don't care how gay that sounds. aND FOR GOD'S SAKE i DON;T WANT TO LOSE THE LAST tRACES OF THE LION i WOULD HAVE SUNK MY TEETH INTO no sleeps make blieve legal secretaires thighs to feed you blood for the next legit kig search you were about to hunt for. High water has been getting higher for sometime,over here. Were going to drown soon all of us because you're "off message" or whatever your toolshed of idols say on tv.

But fair is fair, You did someting for so many losers on this shit earth. You made us into winners. Too bad youre a chicken shit snake oild salesmen that finds every excuse for dropping out of the race after IOWA (I feel like  I jave to talk to you tis way for you to understand). Don't let that legacy die. You'd be stealing years of young athletes trust and belief in you. The god of all hormoned would tunr into the filth of all filths in the saddest chapter of phyisque augmentation in the histor of the world. Mike Arnild would be king and   I just like i told my fatjher was goimg to die no way out, wishing i could switch places with the old man like I wished for Monique HC when I was getting mu dirst doctorate I have 2 no I won't post diplomas as If I CARE anyoine beleves me. I only brag like a dick to hive all the jink i've said some credinility because I'm exhausted from 36 houts call but still care enougjh to write a bunck of shit no one will ever read to splask some cold water on this boards namesake. '

Bjut first you have to understand that you'VE DONE A LOT WRONG over the past 24 months. ANd, it has nothing to do with ddos attachks. A. You covered for that fucker lean when he started shilling for liquid chems to get a free bottle of ballsack and you were wrong to give him unfettered power because like the self pittying whore he is he took a swatch across gthe heads of good members on here and ultimately you are resposible. Cut the shit okay? tjis is isn;t a fortune 500 compnay woth thoisands of employees. You knew or should have know what was going on Then you go back to avidan land and offer free re-admission bacl to all that were sullied by leans swesty over dramatized "condition". How iwas that even possible if you don't know anything what goes on here. Fucking pussy ass liar.

And, with that I'm about to lose a 42 year old father od 4 with a gbme III. THat's neuropathology lean not you're bullshit wjhich never ststiscally lowers life expectancy after the first 5 years post resection survival. Who do you think hyou're dealinh with pal.

gOOD BYE., gh15.

 on: July 22, 2017, 10:41:19 PM 
Started by sunkus4444 - Last post by master
Resent Dorian picture , not the greatest quality and not much can be seen but yeah you can get the idea how good he still looks , this is for all those internet warriors that keeps bashing him and cant look even part of what is he now , and trust me his legs are still impressive for a guy that barely touches weights these days ....
Fuck the Haters he is the King of Mass & Class.  ;)

 on: July 22, 2017, 10:20:25 PM 
Started by sunkus4444 - Last post by sunkus4444
Resent Dorian picture , not the greatest quality and not much can be seen but yeah you can get the idea how good he still looks , this is for all those internet warriors that keeps bashing him and cant look even part of what is he now , and trust me his legs are still impressive for a guy that barely touches weights these days ....

 on: July 22, 2017, 04:31:52 PM 
Started by Genetic Freak - Last post by master
looks in great shape... :)

 on: July 22, 2017, 03:31:14 PM 
Started by vansville2010 - Last post by gh15
Why did he kill his wife and that other guy?

i always think el testosterona belong in generation x lol i don't know why.. you always sound so mature and so much beter than half the people,, in any case he murdered her because he is sociopath murderer.. like scot Peterson you remember him i think from mid 2000s... i know its been very long time but he wasn't as lucky as oj simpson

oj was jelous and was and is a maniac murderer.. period.. i don't know why but i was for him during the trial lol i was i wanted jonny cocroan to win it and he sure did but oj is a murderer who is rulling America like Charles menson used to.. America is faturated with this type of crazy wackjobs..

oj is also athlete so it make it 1000 times more interesting for the average American

he is 70.. he stil have time to get in trouble again,, he will be very popular in generation nothingness youtube and social media era,,

gh15 approved

 on: July 22, 2017, 03:02:29 PM 
Started by gh15 - Last post by gh15
the individual who go by the name chestrockwell was kicked out of this site not because of his average physiqe.. but because of betrayal,, and trying to hurt the forum behind the scene.. obviously it failed miserably but treazoners and individuals who push very bad dealers who sell underground diuretics to athletes who don't know better... have no place on

gh15 approved

 on: July 22, 2017, 02:54:42 PM 
Started by gh15 - Last post by gh15
I want the following people back on
bustin ass
that kid.. he is not a kid anymore but I think he should be here since he is my pupil.. name is no sleep

gh15 approved
Why did pizzapig get the boot? His log was great!

how do I know? probably something bad maybe racism I mean serious racizm will get you banned back in the day.. now we realy walking on thin ice with it on this section but I don't know why else he would get banned.. I realy don't..

I do know he asked me to come back or muscleprincess asked me for him and I had no problem

gh15 approved

 on: July 22, 2017, 02:37:31 PM 
Started by gh15 - Last post by slated_sled
Give me a fucking break.  You don't need science for this shit.  All you need is a little bit of effort in the gym and the right mix of drugs.  There are what, like ten to choose from?


All the wannabe- and pseudo-intellectuals are laughable.  We're not building rockets here.  The biggest moron in the world can get big if he's swimming in hormones and trains hard enough.  This is a vain, empty pursuit, and anybody who tries to attribute some greater meaning to it can go fuck themselves.

Pick some weights up, put the weights down, do it often enough, do it consistently, use good AAS, the end.

(I'm soooo sorry if this offends your little PC-oriented, sensitive hearts)

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